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A car is an essential for the majority of people, especially those who work away from home every day. However, the cost of keeping a car appears to be rising higher and higher, as the price of fuel, insurance and road tax reaches a record high. A great way of cutting the cost of keeping a car is to lower the price of your insurance premium. As insurers are very much aware of the need for cheaper insurance, a select few are offering free car insurance.

Of course, you won't get car insurance totally free, and there are always terms and conditions attached. When people hear of free car insurance, the question that pops into their minds is, “How can I get free car insurance?”

A lot of insurance companies will offer a period of free car insurance if you buy the premium online. This is to increase the amount of people who visit their website and buy products online. For example, Aviva are offering 15 weeks of totally free car insurance to all new customers who buy a premium online. However, the driver must have at least four years of no claims discount on his/her existing policy.

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